Spark Note7 customers to receive $100 gift card

Spark, together with Samsung, has announced it is posting customers a $100 gift card following the return of their Note7 device to a Spark store. The gift card is not restricted to Spark stores and can be spent on whatever the customer decides.

Spark’s CEO of Home, Mobile and Business, Jason Paris, said the gift was a gesture acknowledging the disruption customers have faced and any stress it caused:

“We’re hugely grateful for our customers’ patience throughout this process and we hope this gift, which they can use in whatever way they like, will go a little way toward showing how much we’ve valued their cooperation.

“We’ve been communicating directly with each of our Note7 customers throughout this process, so this is a way of completing the exchange on a good note.”

Paris said that customers who have already returned their Note7 devices, and those who swapped their first Note7 for another device, will also receive a $100 gift card.

“The gift will be posted to any customer of ours who has or will return their Note7,” said Paris, “whether in the first recall or the current one.”

Spark Note7 customers who return their devices are entitled to a full refund of the amount they have paid for their Note7. This includes the option to swap for another device, receive the refund as a Spark account credit, or receive the refund into their bank account.