Vero ready to help customers affected by today’s earthquakes

If your property has been damaged by the quakes, here are a few things we recommend you do to stay safe and get things sorted: People first Your safety is most important of all. So make sure everyone’s OK. Check yourself, your family and then the neighbours for injuries. Get everyone to a safe location and remember aftershocks may occur, so be prepared to drop, cover and hold for protection. In the event of an emergency, phone 111. Then property Carefully check the main structure of the building for damage. If it seems unsafe, don’t go inside, or leave immediately. Try to put out any small fires, clean up spilled liquids and turn off any main water or gas valves if you think a pipe may be broken or leaking. Take care around naked flames, electricity or gas, broken items and any items that could fall. Take photographs It’s a good idea to take photographs of any damage. This will help us resolve your claim more quickly. If you need to make a claim If your land, residential property or its contents have suffered damage, please contact EQC on 0800 326 243 to lodge your claim. We’re here to help If you need advice or need to make a claim for damage that’s not covered by EQC, you can call us any time on 0800 808 121 if your policy is with Vero, AMP, ANZ or Warehouse Money. If your property in Canterbury is currently under construction and has incurred new damage, a new claim should be lodged with both Vero and the EQC. We’ll need to make a site inspection, so please contact your Project Manager, Case Manager or Claims Handler and we’ll arrange one. For more information, please call your insurance broker or adviser. Or click here to make a claim.