Drivers start large-scale delivery exercise

Fastway Couriers chief executive Scott Jenyns.
Fastway Couriers chief executive Scott Jenyns.

Fastway Courier drivers in Auckland and throughout New Zealand are sharing their special day by starting the delivery of over 200,000 Cure Kids Red Nose Day merchandise.

Fastway Couriers has been a long-time supporter of Cure Kids Red Nose Day appeal and over 260 courier drivers across the country will be putting red noses on the front of their vehicles and delivering red noses, wristbands, pins, slap bands and car noses to than 1000 retailers, businesses, schools and community groups.

Fastway Couriers Auckland’s Sanjay Joshi said the team of local drivers are themselves celebrating the organisations Courier Day while at the time ensuring the merchandise is delivered in time for Red Nose day which is on Friday September 28.

“As a business we are saluting our courier drivers who always go the extra mile to ensure parcels are picked up and delivered to their destination on time and in this case we’ve got some very important deliveries such as red noses which help raise much needed funds for Cure Kids.

“It’s great that we can deliver something to our own hard working courier drivers in the way of a small gift and in turn they will be out on the roads delivering the red nose merchandise,” said Mr Joshi.

Cure Kids chief executive Frances Benge said the support of Fastway Couriers was a vital part of the campaign’s success.

“We are grateful for the support of the team at Fastway Couriers this Red Nose Day. It’s a huge job getting all our merchandise out to the hundreds of schools, businesses and individuals that fundraise for us all over New Zealand.

“This support helps reduce our overall campaign costs which ultimately allows us to fund more important research to improve health outcomes for Kiwi kids.

“For them to start delivery on their special day just shows their commitment to the health and well-being of New Zealand children,” said Ms Benge.

The aim is to raise $1 million for Cure Kids with the money raised will be used to fund important child health research to improve, extend and save the lives of our children. Cure Kids vision is a healthy childhood for everyone, focusing on raising funds to enable high impact health research to find the cures our kids need.

Fastway Couriers chief executive Scott Jenyns said it was perfect that Fastway’s Courier Day coincided delivery starting for Red Nose Day.

“Our Fastway Courier staff are all getting behind Red Nose Day and you can expect to see all our vans and trucks wearing red noses as we do our best to get the message out there and raise awareness for Red Nose Day.”