With the grain – Fed Farmers’ best (choice) is Hurst

Federated Farmers new Arable Industry Group chair, Colin Hurst (left) with Agriculture Minister, Damien O'Connor.
Colin Hurst (left) with Agriculture Minister, Damien O’Connor.

Going with the flow rather than against the grain, Federated Farmers has appointed the 2019 Arable Farmer of the Year as its new chair of its Arable Industry Group.

Drawing on extensive experience in arable farming, Colin Hurst has big gumboots to fill, replacing Federated Farmers vice president, Karen Williams, in the role. A South Canterbury farmer, Mr Hurst has previously served the organisation at regional and branch level as well as other industry groups including the South Canterbury Rural Support Trust.

He brings a “wide experience and an acknowledged reputation for hard work, tenacity and leadership to the role”, a Federated Farmers spokesperson says. It appears Mr Hurst is prepared to earn his daily bread.

“Most people know we produce cereal grains used in bread and a host of other staples, and all the malting barley needed by our brewers,” he adds. “But we also grow the pasture seeds essential to our livestock farmers, not to mention brassicas and other feed crops, and seed production for domestic and international markets.”