Farmers grow businesses online

dairynz-online-discussion-groupsFarming is no office job. However, during the COVID-19 lockdown, DairyNZ is advocating farmers spend at least a little time driving desks rather than tractors.

“We’re keen to ensure our farmers are able to catch-up to talk about their activities and current priorities,” Sharon Morrell from DairyNZ says regarding the organisation’s online discussion groups. “[These allow] farmers to take part but stay well within their own ‘bubble’.”

Designed to ensure farmers continue to share ideas about how to operate during the lockdown while providing mutual support, the group talks can provide the opportunity for participants to take a break from hands-on work but they are also accessible to those with their hands full.

“We even had someone the other day who tuned in while he was working in the milking shed,” she confirms. “The farmer put his phone on silent for most of it and was able to take part as if he’d been at a meeting in person.”

Sessions are held on a regional basis and run for 60 to 90 minutes, although people can attend for as long as is practical. Experts from various primary sector organisations are also taking part.

“It’s a fantastic way for farmers to engage with others, to ask their questions and to share challenges, insights and advice,” Ms Morrell adds. “We strongly encourage farmers to get involved.”

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