Feeding farming’s cash cow

The Dairy Women’s Network is working with ASB to help ensure the future of farming adds up. Designed to help build financial confidence, the organisation’s newest workshops focus on the fundamentals of rural banking and what role it plays within the primary industries more broadly.

“Maintaining control of your business and ensuring it is resilient enough to continue to be profitable is paramount,” Jules Benton from DWN says.

“ASB Rural wants to build greater knowledge, awareness and understanding of financial management, develop stronger budgeting skills and behaviour and connect customers with tools that can really help to make that process a whole lot easier.”

Beginning tomorrow (Oct 2) in Putaruru, the workshops will be held throughout the country, with the last taking place in early December. The Fundamentals Workshop is geared towards garnering a general understanding and the Bigger Picture Workshops are specifically designed to assist more experienced dairy operators.

“We believe the 90 minute Fundamentals Workshops are extremely important for those just starting out or who have been running their finances for only a few years,” Ms Benton adds. “We needed to cover off both ends of the experience scale.”

For more information, including a full schedule, visit dwn.co.nz/events-page.