Mister Minit wins New Zealand Supreme Franchisee of the Year

Michael Ash, who owns the Mister Minit outlet at Westfield St Lukes, Auckland, has been named Supreme Franchisee of the Year at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards 2016/17. 

Michael Ash was awarded the Mister Minit Franchisee of the Year Award in Canberra earlier this year and was announced at the New Zealand Supreme Franchisee of the Year.

The awards hosted on Saturday Night the FANZ (Franchise Association of New Zealand) Awards Night for Excellence in Franchising is the most prestigious award of the night. Michael along with his wife Amanda operate the St Luke’s Mister Minit Shop in Auckland and has consistently built this business over the last five years.

Father of five Michael, who is originally from Christchurch, now lives in West Auckland, and his wife Amanda have owned their own business since 2012.  2012 was a big year for Michael Ash –­ in June, he got married to his partner, Yanting (Amanda) Han Ash, in September he took ownership of the existing Mister Minit at Westfield St Lukes, and by December the store was ranked 1st in New Zealand and fifth out of 225 Mister Minit outlets across the whole of Australasia.

Having worked for the Mister Minit franchise since 2000, latterly as training manager, he knows the franchise inside out – even when he went to Shanghai for a family wedding, he found himself helping to train a local franchisee there.  According to judges from the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation, some of the key strengths of Michael’s business are his openness to input from his loyal team members, his creation of an open workplace culture and his focus on environmental challenges.