Staff motivation and morale

It can be easy for staff to lose motivation and morale toward the middle of the year – especially in New Zealand when it’s cold and dreary.



While cold hard cash – if you’ll pardon the pun –  will always be a major factor in motivating people most staff members will understand the current challenges most company cash flows are facing.

So how do you let your staff know they are still appreciated and wanted – even if you can’t afford to give them a longed for pay rise?


When your employees accomplish something they have achieved something. Your recognition is appreciation for that achievement.

Recognition is free!

Good work environment

An American study asked employers to rank what they thought motivated their people and then employees were asked to rank what really did motivate them.

Employers felt ‘working conditions’ were next to last in terms of importance.

Employees ranked them number two!

Cosmetically, does your office look nice? Are there pictures on the walls, plants and fresh paint among other features that generally make people feel good about their environment? Does their work space have enough room or are they cramped in a ‘sardine can’? What about furniture? Is the desk the right size, chair comfortable? Is there file space and do they have the miscellaneous office supplies needed for maximum performance?

Is the temperature regulated properly so they don’t feel they’re in the Amazon jungle one minute and the North Pole the next?

Team spirit

Have a picture taken of your entire staff (including you!), have it enlarged and hang it in a visible spot.

Most people like to physically see themselves as part of a group or team.

People driving to reach goals together definitely enhance team spirit solely because they must lean upon others and be prepared to be leaned on.

Social gatherings

Mid Winter Christmas parties, anniversary or birthday celebrations, and Christmas parties are all ways to successfully bring people together for an enjoyable time.

Sports functions and movie outings work well too.

All male or all female team?

Pick an activity for the ‘boys’ or the ‘girls’.

A day out fishing as a team can help you get to know your team and help them to feel a part of things.

Conferences and seminars

Conferences and seminars are a stimulating break and can effectively motivate a team.

If sending the entire team out is not cost efficient consider on-site seminars or workshops for your staff.

Alternatively get your conference and seminar attendees to briefly recreate the event to the rest of your staff when they return.