With Nick & Kylie Bosanac (Bosanac Builders)

nick-kylie-bosanac-2aaNick Bosananc Builders has been part of the construction industry in southern Auckland for the past 10 years with Nick and Kylie Bosanac being both partners in marriage and in actively running the business. The couple, like many Kiwis, juggle family and work commitments yet they have put in the effort to be thoughtful, knowledgeable, and innovative in their approach to building and fulfilling clients’ needs. Here’s what they say about their building philosophy and aspirations.

Your guiding principle in business has been ‘Building Beautiful Futures’. What does this mean?

For us it is threefold. Firstly, we are passionate about building unique, quality homes where families can construct a future that is beautiful in every way. Secondly, we are a family business so, with each new home, renovation or addition, we are crafting the future for our family too. Finally, we have an amazing team of guys and gals. As we work together and encourage their development, we’re also helping to build beautiful futures for them.

How important is it for you as a building company to stay abreast of new industry regulations?

We are really outcome driven, so every time a new policy or procedure is introduced, we know it’s to raise the bar. It ensures our workmanship and materials will stand the test of time. This is good for all of us! Each time we re-license as builders we have to prove we are continuing to up-skill and understand the new regulations. This means our clients’ homes will be built using the most up-to-date methods to protect their asset.

How is southern Auckland’s ‘building boom’ progressing? Are you still busy or has demand for new homes in our region slowed?

We are busier than ever! And for that we are very grateful. There are a number of new communities under development, or will be soon, to meet the growing demand.

If someone was looking to build anywhere in southern Auckland and asked you where you think is the best place to be, where would you recommend and why?

I’m a country girl [says Kylie]. My heart will always belong in green fields. But we love the rural/urban mix people will see at Paerata Rise [near Pukekohe] which promises a blend of both worlds and will meet different needs. We are proud to be build partners there.

Nick did his apprenticeship in Detroit, Michigan, USA. How do the houses you’re building here compare to those there?

What I love most about building homes in New Zealand is the weather, especially this time of year. Michigan winters are very cold so foundations have to be extra deep. Here, we take on new building technology from across the world, much faster than it would be picked up back there.

Considering his occupation, is Nick quite the handy handyman at home or is he more inclined to call in the pros when it comes to any jobs which fall outside his area of professional expertise?

Nick: A builder’s home is never finished – we are too busy building homes for other people…
Kylie: So let’s just say, my pink tool kit gets a LOT of use….

Nick is the fourth generation of his family to be in the building game. Any chance the children will pick up the hammer too?

I am Nicholas III and we have a Nicholas IV who is very keen – all of our children are, actually. They are Lego Master Builders and sandpit enthusiasts. So I would say the chances are pretty high.

How involved in the business are you, Kylie? Is it a full time job and how much do you to know or need to know about building practices?

It’s definitely a full time gig. My background is in the civil industry and client relationships, so there are lots of crossovers. However, Nick and I have still have many discussions and teaching moments about things houses need! Tradie life, happy wife!

Kylie, you are well known for using quotes, parables and wise sayings in relation to building a home. Do you have a favourite and why?

I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to them, but my current favourites are Covey classics: Begin with the End in Mind and Put First Things First. Both have a myriad of depth and application. In my role, there is one big priority – to help our clients to be clear on what they want so that we can all see the vision for their home.

Before they start a build project how important is it for clients to have a rapport with you both?

Building a home can be stressful so a good relationship with your builder is essential! We build bespoke homes and whether they are first homes, or dream homes, no two are the same, nor are their owners. Nick and I work directly with clients from the first meeting to final hand over and beyond! Some of our favourite builds have been with clients who have built a first home with us and then subsequent homes.

Do you think it is important for Nick Bosanac Builders to be capable of building different styles of housing and to build houses which fall into different budgets?

Yes, definitely! Every family has different needs, tastes and budgets and these all change with the ebb and flow of family life. We don’t build with a cookie cutter approach, our solutions aren’t either! We work with our clients to build a home they love which includes as much of their wish-list as possible, within their budget.

What is the one piece of advice you would offer people considering building a new home?

Take time to get it right! The clearer we all are on the feel and look clients want for their home, the smoother and less stressful it is building dreams into reality. It can seem a little daunting when there are so many choices to be made, but we are there to help! We even offer clients a Dream Book to help inspire and organise ideas.