With Paula & Kurt Schultz (South 83)

south-83-1aFlying took former international airline pilots, Kurt and Paula Schultz all over the world during which time their extensive travels fostered a love of urbanism and architecture. Today, the pair is well grounded, their property company of some 15 years landing them in South Auckland where they have embraced the active regeneration of the community and the population’s diversity. Having now embarked on their latest project – South 83, Papakura’s first true multi-story apartment complex – they believe the area is perfect for this type of development.

Are Aucklanders really still expect to own generous section with detached houses?

We’ve seen a huge change in what people want out of a home. We’re seeing millennials wanting to live closer to amenities in among the action as well as empty-nesters downsizing; they’re seeking the ease of a ‘lock up and leave’ which allows them to do some serious travelling.

How well do you think South 83 will do against city-based apartments?

Extremely well. We have a different purchaser than the inner city; our market is more focused on a domestic New Zealand audience. Also, our location does afford a significantly better price point for a comparable product.

Who are these apartment primarily pitched at?

Most of our buyers are from the local area, moving back into the town centre from outlying areas. They want something close to where they currently live, close to rural areas, but they see gentrification of the district and they want to be a part of it.

How important is it for apartment buyers to be close to shops, service and cafes?

Apartments are all about a walk-able community, so it’s very important. South 83 fits the bill perfectly.

Does the region offer enough job opportunities to attract buyers to suburban apartment living?

Numerous job opportunities are available locally, but, importantly, we are seeing young innovators and entrepreneurs either starting up or moving their businesses here.

Are local transport networks and infrastructure sufficient to support such a complex?

Absolutely. We are less than a 10 minute walk to the third busiest train station in the city so, not only is that infrastructure sufficient, it offers some of the best options to get into the CBD.

This is your second apartment development in Papakura. How successful was the first?

Successful enough to convince us to do it again!

What makes this new project attractive – design, décor, position?

Paul Brown is the architect, and he’s one of the best in the city. The location offers some great views, and is so close to amenities. As always, our fit out is premium, with Bosch appliances as standard.

Will this second development include carparks for apartment owners? Do the floor plans vary? Will South 83 include any green space or communal land for relaxation?

Car parking is still a must for apartments outside the CBD, so every apartment has parking.

The apartments do vary, but the flow is considered and consistent. We offer one to three-bedroom options.

There is a relaxing communal area with trees, green walls and seating areas for residents to meet and socialise.

Do you expect the apartments to gain value over time?

Yes, but not only over time from completion. Off the plan apartments gain value while they are being sold and built as well. Buyers in our last development have bettered the Auckland market, so we see South 83 as an excellent investment on a number of levels.

What will this apartment block mean for Papakura and do you envisage more developments of a similar nature in the area?

It will be the first of many. We work closely with the local board and Auckland Council to ensure our work is mirrored by them; they have really jumped on board to ensure Papakura gets the attention it deserves. As for more developments, we have already been approached by local landowners to work with them on similar projects.

Is the face of central Papakura changing?

It is, and at a quicker pace than we have seen previously. The great thing is that the charm and soul of the area is being retained by keeping existing businesses whilst also attracting some great boutique commercial entities. With more people, the change will come fast and furious. The time really is now to get into the area, and we’re elated to be here.