Kiwi co-working provider BizDojo acquired by global leader

IWG's New Zealand country manager Pierre Ferrandon. Photo supplied
IWG’s New Zealand country manager Pierre Ferrandon. Photo supplied

The owner of some of the world’s leading flexible workspace providers, IWG, has gained a distinctly Kiwi flavour with the recent acquisition of New Zealand co-working provider BizDojo.

IWG is the owner of leading workspace companies including Regus, Spaces, No18 and Basepoint. It provides a choice of professional, inspiring and collaborative workspaces, communities and services that help over 2.5 million people work more productively around the world. It already has a presence in New Zealand with 14 Regus locations in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, with more on the way. In total IWG has over 3,100 locations worldwide in over 1000 cities and 110 countries.

The group’s global community will now expand to include BizDojo’s workspace centres and members across New Zealand. As a result, BizDojo members will automatically have access to all the benefits that Regus members do in the country, with the added advantage of a truly global network.

New Zealand country manager Pierre Ferrandon says IWG is pleased to have the opportunity to support an entrepreneurial New Zealand company that, like so many of its customers, has grown something original from the ground up.

“IWG is very pleased to support this fantastic Kiwi concept with our global network, resources and experience,” says Mr. Ferrandon. “BizDojo has gained a significant following over the years. Bringing it into our network offers New Zealand businesses greater variety, with more, character-filled locations. Our growing network in New Zealand enables our customers to work however and wherever they want, with more workspaces on the way.”

BizDojo co-founder, Jonah Merchant, says the team is looking forward to working with IWG and benefitting from its global reach and expertise. “Since day one, the BizDojo focus has been the same – to support our residents as they grow their businesses, foster a sense of community, share learnings amongst each other, and collaborate. We are excited to continue that journey with IWG.”

Like many countries across the world, New Zealand is seeing increased interest in flexible workspaces. “Digitalisation and new technologies are transforming how people work. As a result, people are waking up to the personal productivity benefits of being able to live and work how and where they want,” explains Mr. Ferrandon.

“Businesses are also increasingly understanding the financial and strategic benefits to be gained from using flexible workspace to ensure they always have the right space at the right time in the right locations for their employees. These trends are increasing demand for collaborative and inspiring workspaces and communities globally, and here locally in New Zealand also.”

IWG’s expansion in New Zealand continues at pace with several new Regus centres recently opened and more planned. It opened its first centre on Auckland’s North Shore at Constellation Drive and a new Albert Street centre in late 2017. The final touches are being put on two new Christchurch centres, along with a third, due to open in an historic building in Dunedin in the coming weeks. Further Auckland openings outside of the central city are on the cards for 2018, bringing more workspaces closer to home for employees, and more businesses closer to their customers.