Those ‘bare’ necessities

necessities-of-life-survey-3aSpending valuable time sprucing up for an important business meeting, it seems, is a luxury some can afford to do without. According to a recent survey, fifty-three percent of Auckland millennials (aged 18-24) believe WiFi to be a greater essential than a hot shower.

Thankfully, for all those who do need to meet face-to-face, 41% of Aucklanders (overall) still consider a hot shower to be more important than internet (32%) connectivity.

Commissioned by Rinnai, the survey also found that only a relatively small number of Super City dwellers use shower time to contemplate the important things in life (16%) with bed (51%) the preferred option for dreaming up bright ideas.

The shower can cause disharmony, however, according to 40% of respondents who confirmed that hogging the cubicle often puts pay to domestic bliss. Interestingly, fights for the right to be clean were higher among younger respondents, likely due to flat life, so perhaps that answers why so many millennials prefer to avoid the whole hornets’ nest of showering… (al)together!