Goodman Fielder welcomes continued access to milk for Kiwi consumers

Goodman Fielder welcomes Friday's announcement from the New Zealand Government that it intends to maintain the current regulations regarding raw milk supply for the NZ domestic market under the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act (DIRA).

 “Today’s announcement is an important step in ensuring Kiwi consumers continue to get competitive prices and choice,” said Tim Deane, Managing Director of Goodman Fielder in New Zealand.

“These regulations were first introduced in 2001 when Fonterra was created to ensure there was sufficient competition in the New Zealand market for raw milk.

“This is still relevant today. These regulations ensure there is viable competition in the market which is good news for Kiwi consumers because it helps keep NZ dairy prices competitive and ensures there is a wider choice of products and brands on the market.

“It also ensures companies like Goodman Fielder can continue to invest in their business and their brands to bring innovation for New Zealand consumers.”

Mr Deane said Goodman Fielder would continue to work with both the Government and other parts of the dairy industry following Friday's announcement.

“There is a lot of work still to be done in this area and we look forward to making a positive contribution to maintain a competitive and viable domestic dairy industry for the benefit of all New Zealanders,” he said.