About Us

Small businesses – aka SMEs (small and medium enterprises) – represent an incredible 97 per cent of all businesses in New Zealand. Together, SMEs employ one in three of New Zealand’s working population and produce around 27 per cent of New Zealand’s gross domestic product.

Business to Business (BtoB Online) provides a comprehensive mix of informed comment, business profiles, news and information which it delivers to a wide-reaching audience for its savvy advertisers. The website is dedicated to the SME community and leading the way with business community stories they want to read and information they need to have. Independently-owned and operated, Business to Business has been serving the SME community for more than 20 years.

From the reception desk to the boardroom and all the way to the beach and lifestyle block, we can help your business succeed.

If you need to be in touch with the business community, you own a business or play a part in one, BtoB Online is an established and important vehicle for communicating your message.