NZ Police Renew Dimension Data Partnership

New Zealand Police has extended its relationship with Dimension Data to provide its communication channels.

The New Zealand Police manages more than 770,000 emergency calls a year. It is responsible for providing policing services 24 hours a day, seven days a week to prevent crime and crashes.

Telephone is the primary communications channel for the public to contact the police, whether the call comes first from the emergency network or direct to the local station. Dimension Data is responsible for the day-to-day management of the mission critical unified communications infrastructure.

As part of this Dimension Data provides New Zealand Police with all of the physical phones, the network they run on and the ongoing support and management to make sure all calls are made and received seamlessly. They also ensure the phone system is integrated with other communications channels including email.

The partnership builds on the work Dimension Data is already doing with New Zealand Police across networking and other key programs of work.

The partnership successfully ensures the organisation’s key communications infrastructure is well-managed, highly available at all times, and delivered under a tight operating cost model, says New Zealand Police Network operations Manager Michael Perring.

“We are incredibly pleased with the support services that Dimension Data provide to our critical network.”

Dimension Data New Zealand CEO Jo Healey says Dimension Data is extremely proud to support the New Zealand Police in their mission-critical unified communications infrastructure.  

“The work we do with New Zealand Police is continuing to deliver excellent results."