PriceSpy now compares home and domestic appliances


PriceSpy is widely known for comparing prices on computers, mobile phones, tv- and hifi equipment, etc.

We are now featuring more comparison categories, and it is time for products that are not-so-typical for PriceSpy. We have chosen to call this new category Home and domestic appliances and it features sub categories such as dishwashersrefridgerators and freezersespresso machines and heat pumps.

Many of these products are good examples of areas where competition traditionally has been weak with little or no pressure from online retailers until recent years. Even then, until now it has been hard to get a good overview of the market. This is where PriceSpy can help with nearly 2 500 products in the category, most of them with specifications, thus making it easy to search for and filter to find the right product at the right price.

–This is in line with our goal to compare products which are not typical for PriceSpy historically, but suitable for online comparison and shopping, says Magnus Bengtsson, head of marketing at
–We are confident that these new categories will appeal to our existing users as well as attracting new users to the PriceSpy website.

In addition to domestic appliances, the owners of New Zealand’s cats and dogs can now compare pet food on PriceSpy. The category consists of nearly 1 000 different products, complete with filters making it possible to search for that perfect food for your cat or dog.

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